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How To Apply Data Visualization in Your Business

Want to get the best out of your market research? Try data visualization. This important innovation provides information regarding current market trends, customer preferences and demographics, competition insights, and sales patterns. Visualizing tools represent data in colorful graphs, pie charts, bar charts, and visually appealing sales charts.

Visual representation of data taps into human optical senses. People are drawn to a visually-pleasing representation of information and data. This technique is crucial to gathering facts from collated information across social platforms. To learn more about data visualization, keep reading this article presented by the Suburban Chamber of Commerce.

What Can Data Visualization Do For Your Business?

Data visualization helps businesses position themselves to make better choices. It can transform business decision-making by providing core insights into consumer behavior and demographics, ways to personalize marketing campaigns, how to streamline operations, and how to mitigate risks. 

In simple terms, the main point of visualizing data is to make data more understandable. The standard methods of visualizing data are:

  • Creative dashboards 

  • Graphs 

  • Pie charts

  • Bar charts

  • Tables

  • Charts

  • Bubble cloud

  • Bullet graphs

  • Histograms

  • Treemaps

  • Scatter plots 

  • Streamgraphs 

  • Wedge stack graphs 

  • Polar areas 

  • Matrices


It’s important to keep in mind when using data visualization that no single method for communicating data is best for every situation. Practical data visualization usage demands using the appropriate tools for a given data set.

Once you have chosen your data visualization and run your reports, it’s important to share what you’ve learned with key stakeholders. That is how you will enact change throughout your business. You can pull specific pages from different PDFs and add them to a larger report that you will present to, say, your various departments or your shareholders. You can do this to add PDF pages: find a free editing tool and place the PDFs you wish to combine into the drop zone. Then, select the pages you want in the new document before you save it.

What Values Can Data Visualization Add To Your Marketing Campaigns?

If you're not getting the best results from your ad campaigns, use data visualization tools. Visualizing data helps you conduct market research, interpret data, and get customer survey information. It helps you get information on customer sales journeys across your social media platforms. Data visualization allows you to analyze what visitors do on your site and provide real-time updates.

You need data visualization to illustrate your product descriptions during an ad campaign. It helps in market planning and making unique aspects of your products stand out. Data visualization is the way to go if you have challenges creating a graph that represents our target audience. It considers the different levels of customer needs, patterns, and levels of understanding.

Banners can be a useful way to show off various data visualizations. Using styled graphics can add another dimension of visual interest for your audience. It’s easy to design banners online for free with available tools. You can customize a template with your own graphics, colors, and text, then download it once you’ve created a design you like. Then you can use it in a presentation to make your marketing case to decision makers.

Helpful Data Visualization Tools For You

Data visualization tools help collect and combine data in a visual format such as matrices, graphs, scatter plots, trees, and heat maps. They enable you to make intentional data analyses for your business and advertising goals. Choose visualization tools that suit your data needs. There are options for tools with less complexity and those that require technical skills to use.

If you're ready to kick-start your data visualization journey, here are some valuable tools for you:

  • Tableau: A free and powerful tool that translates data into understandable information

  • ChartBlocks: For creating visually interesting data charts

  • Infogram: Allows non-designers to create effective visualization with its drag-and-drop feature

  • Datawrapper: Makes your ad campaigns effective with interesting charts and news maps

  • Google charts: A free tool from Google that embeds data information online

  • FusionCharts: Pre-made templates that you can use to start your data visualization projects

  • Grafana: For effortless creation of a visualization of data in real-time

Data Visualization To Help Your Business

For a business that needs to understand its market, data visualization tools are invaluable. These tools enable you to convert millions of data points into visually understandable information. Once you have these data visualizations, combine them into an annual or quarterly report to share with your stakeholders. And to learn more about incorporating data visualization tools in your business plan, visit a company that studies the role of digital innovation and its implications for tomorrow's successes.

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