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Brain Balance of Summit

Brain Balance of Summit

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About Us

A specialized learning center, Brain Balance of Summit offers a research-based, multi-modal, medication-free program to address the symptoms of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders (including ASD, ADHD, Asperger's, OCD, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, anxiety disorders, Tourette's syndrome, and more). Based on the work of neurologist Dr. Robert Melillo, Brain Balance addresses these as a spectrum of disorders all sharing the same root problem -- immaturity of certain brain regions leading to the inability of the brain to create all the permanent connections necessary for typical function. Through sessions here at our center as well as home exercises, we work with students to improve the function of the basic systems of their bodies (i.e. the visual system, the motor systems, the vestibular system, etc.) that provide a foundation for their age-appropriate development, which provides intense and targeted stimulation to weak regions of the brain and jump-starts growth. The Balance360 nutrition program supports healthy eating habits. More information is available at or by calling 908-517-1101. We look forward to speaking with you or having you in for a consultation meeting.

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