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A Guide To Starting a Green Business

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If you're passionate about the environment, you may have thought about starting your own green business. What better way to impact the world while also making money? But where do you begin? How do you market it? This guide walks you through everything from deciding on your company's niche to communicating with remote workers. Whether you're just getting started or looking to expand, below are all the tips and tricks to help get your green business thriving.

Green Business Ideas and Goals

Brainstorm green business ideas, and select your niche. Consider your financial, sustainability, and lifestyle goals. Write up a business plan, and use it as inspiration to build your marketing plan.

Green Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business. To effectively advertise your sustainable company, research successful marketing campaigns from other green businesses, and choose a message that works best for your market. Also, when selling products on social media, Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways to reach green consumers based on interests.

Startup Costs and Raising Capital

You likely need capital to kick off your green business. Startup costs can be sourced by using personal savings or obtaining a line of credit. If you’re planning on crowdfunding, remember that fees are associated with platforms such as Kickstarter. You also need to create an enticing video presentation and establish rewards for backers.

Governments offer incentives for sustainable businesses through tax breaks and grants. Additionally, they can increase knowledge and provide networking opportunities through workshops and seminars on everything from eco-friendly cleaning products to solar power efficiency.

Finding Sustainable Suppliers

Many companies are expanding product lines specifically to include more environmentally friendly options. Small businesses can join these efforts by connecting with existing suppliers through social media or researching online.

Communication With Remote Employees

If you have employees working remotely, you may find they struggle to stay in touch and get up to speed on your business. That’s where services such as Google Workspace can help. These cloud-based tools allow workers to keep in touch with each other, regardless of location. Chatting through Google Chat, sending documents via Google Drive, and using Google Docs make communicating quick and easy for remote teams.

If your employees have large PDF files with many images, it may be hard to send them via email or online. Compressing makes sending easier, but the trouble is keeping the image quality intact. An easy PDF compressor ensures you minimize the file size while preserving all images, fonts, and other file content.

Inspiring Green Businesses

It can be helpful to see other businesses that have had success in green markets. In 1979, 3M launched its first Post-it Note product. Today, Post-it Notes are one of 3M’s most popular products and a large part of its sustainability efforts. 3M has also expanded into new environmentally friendly products — including eco-friendly Scotch tape — and has made strides in reducing its overall carbon footprint.

Launching Your Green Business

Launching a green business doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s more than possible to get your business running with careful planning. 

To learn more about how you can get started, join your local chamber of commerce.


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