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Business to Business Dental Savings plan
Dental benefits for your employees
We are excited to offer our New Providence Dentistry Dental Savings Plan (NPDDSP) exclusively to area businesses.  NPDDSP is an opportunity to offer comprehensive dental care to your employees at discounts that make this often-overlooked part of good healthcare affordable.

The New Providence Dentistry Dental Savings Plan is not an insurance plan.  As an employer, NPDDSP costs you nothing.  There are no premiums for the company or your employees, no deductibles, no initial fees to join.  All the services at New Providence Dentistry – checkups, fillings, root canals and even cosmetic dentistry- are available to your employees at discounts ranging 20 to 50 percent or more, off our regular fee schedule.

In fact, New Providence Dentistry can save you money.  Good oral health is part of good overall health, which means less employee absenteeism.  With regular checkups, our dental specialists can help keep your employees in good dental health by filling cavities when they’re small or by treating gum disease before it becomes serious.  At New Providence Dentistry, we also have extended evening and weekend hours so employees can make their dental appointments outside of working hours.  A dental plan like New Providence Dental Savings Plan can help attract and retain good employees.

All your employees and their immediate families need to do is call to schedule an appointment for an initial comprehensive evaluation.  Once completed they’ll receive their NPDDSP membership cards and the accounts will remain active as long as they are employed by your company.

If you have additional questions, please email our office at or call us at 908-376-9297.  We’re sure you’ll agree this is an exciting chance to offer an important healthcare benefit to your employees.


Beth Herko, DDS, FAGD
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